Pianovations Music Centre

Pianovations Music Centre
has been part of the Music Community since 2002
when Pianovations was first opened in Londesborough.

We were part of the Blyth downtown for 15 years.
Until the Summer of 2022.

We have relocated to Londesborough, still offering
everything that we did in Blyth,
Pianos, Digital Pianos,
Piano Moving Services, Piano Repair and assessments
All instrument repair and rebuilding.
Instrument set ups and repairs and restringing.
Tons of Accessories and books!

Tamara has been involved in Piano restoration work since 1995. Training as a piano technician and rebuilder for 4 years at a Steinway dealership that at that time was the largest in Canada. Then deciding to move back to Ontario to open Pianovations Music Centre in 2002. The rest is history.