Not Just Pianos

You will be surprised when walking in the entrance of our small town store, to find the walls and floors filled with instruments of all shapes and sizes.

Pianovations is more than just pianos – in fact it’s more that just a typical music store stop. We have some cool stuff here that’s both unusual and amusing.

We’ve worked hard to find good value for our customers and we try and look at our business the old fashioned way, a warm handshake and greeting and a genuine desire to help you find the instrument best suited to your needs and budget.

In-Person or Online Shopping
Your Choice

While you no doubt value the personal touch of seeing, feeling, and playing the instruments before purchasing, as well as talking in person…

Pianovations understands that is not always possible. With that in mind we provide a full features Online Store with descriptions and photos of all products – as well as the ability to purchase online and have those purchases Shipped to You.

Of course if you have any questions, we still provide a personal response by means of phone or email.